Hello there!

Time for a new update. These past months, I've been working mainly on two parts of my game project : the combat system & the universe/story.


Initially, it was a pretty classic turn-by-turn system with elemental strengths/weaknesses, but after playing/watching a lot of Dragon Quest, Pokemon and some other similar games, I wanted something a bit different and more engaging. It took some time to imagine a system like that but I did write and improve some ideas. It seems really enjoyable, and all I need now is to test it out which will happen very soon.


Because it's a RPG I'm working on, the universe and the story are obviously essential. I've already spent hundreds of hours writing on it and I know it's only the beginning. I was more focus on the world itself until recently, creating locations, people and lore, and the work on the story itself, the main quest, has finally begun. Not an easy task to propose something original and captivating, I'm still drafting ideas, nothing definitive yet.

Thanks for visiting my website and stay tuned for upcoming news about my game. :)