on Jul 19th, 2016 at 10:16

Hi there! Welcome to the website of LeCroissantCyclope! :)

I am going to post at least each month any news concerning the development of Calvin, the first game by LeCroissantCyclope. The plan is to see here how the game is evolving, what decisions are made, issues I'm experiencing, some art, that kinda stuff.

Oh wait, you don't know about Calvin ? Calvin is a point-&-click adventure game developed by Le Croissant Cyclope, a french one-man studio based in Paris. Nice to meet you. You can find more info on the “About” page.

I have been working on the game since late december 2015, gathering ideas, writing, drawing, and trying different tools and approaches to see what fits me the best. It's now July, main features are now settled and things are getting serious. I made this website and now, I hope, all my energy is on the game.

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