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on Aug 10th, 2017 at 15:16

Hello there!
Little update. I'm pretty much fixing bugs and making content at the moment. I would like to draw more but it's a bit difficult to get the right graphic style, so I'm thinking of hiring an artist later when I have enough content on paper to know what I need precisely. Don't quite know what to expect about prices but I'll look into that soon. I still may draw the art though. Time will tell if I progress enough.

And to write a bit about my process of making content, let met first explain how the main mechanic of the game work:
As you probably know it's a gamebook, so at the end of each part you have choices which send you to different locations. In a traditional gamebook, same output everytime. Well, for The Inverted Tower, I added a random parameter to change the output everytime. So each time you play, it's a different adventure even if you're trying to make the right choices (which you won't be able to do much longer, because one is enough to send you elsewhere). To have this behavior, each location has properties, so when you have to further, I make a group of possible locations and pick one randomly.
These location features constrain the kind of content I'm able to make, well just a bit, I have foreseen a nice amount of possibilities and am still able to add more if I need it. So with that in mind, my main work these days relies on 4 steps:
1- The idea of a location. A place, a character, an event, a reward. Generic or complex. I write it down.
2- The structure. Here, it's about writing how the location works. I try to imagine all different outcomes and add already more flavor to it.
3- The scripting. Not the funniest part to be honest. It's about translating what I did before in the game using the own-made location skeleton.
4- The writing. Last but not least, because you don't want to get a dull variable name in place of a rich interesting text during the adventure.

That's the way I do it and while I'm writing about it I'm not doing it, so let's get to it!

Later alligator.

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