Game mechanics are nearly done

on Jul 28th, 2016 at 13:18

Not yet, but very soon I hope. It's a very important moment coming. Why? Well, to make Calvin I'm using a software named Adventure Game Studio (link here). It's absolutely awesome so far, and, because I'm not using templates, I have to script every behavior I want. It sounds difficult but it's not that difficult actually because there's a lot a functions available to simplify the process. So when all mechanics are scripted, all that remain are graphics, sounds and writing, cause coding is just calling that function when this event occurs, and this function after that, blablabla. Easy peasy.

One of the last issues I resolved was to get my character to walk to the coordinates I clicked AND THEN interact with it if there's something to do. There's a function for the character to walk (using automatically the sprites in the direction needed) but it's kinda limited because either you have to wait for the character until he's arrived for the next script line to occur, or it's called immediately and there's no walk, it's a pure blocking/non-blocking stuff. My objective was something we have in many point-&-click games, if I click on something, the character walks to it, but if I click somewhere else before he's arrived, he goes there, and if there's an interaction where I last clicked, he interacts only when he's arrived. Thanks to previous subjects, I found a kinda simple workaround, modified some lines, added some and it was good to go.

So, where I am so far :

- Menus, almost finished. I'm waiting to see if a feature to change the resolution during the game is developed or not for the next official release.

- Inventory, finished and working smoothly. It wasn't trivial.

- Saving/Loading with information on the place where the player was and the date & time, done!

- Changing languages, functional but I can improve the code.

- Voices, not ready. I'm using a module called Phylactère and the speech integration is not implemented yet but a workaround may exists. I have to test some more.

- Tutorial part is almost done. It's mostly drawing and animating that remains. Well, music and sounds too.

- Walking animation of Calvin right&left, almost ok, and I need up&down, and talking, and picking up/using an object, ... well, there's still a lot of work here.

And here is a little peek on the tutorial background without objects and characters. Yeah it feels empty like that. It won't be. :)

Tutorial Background
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