on Aug 25th, 2016 at 17:08

Until mid august I was working without clear deadlines for my game. When people asked me when they would be able to play it, I always answered : “Hopefully in 2017.” Yes, it's vague.
It's still hard to define a date for a release so early in the development, but the more I work on it, the more I know the time I need to do this or that task. There's always unexpectable stuff though, but you just have to take it into account. So when is the game going to be out? End of 2017 or early 2018, that's what I think right now. Before that, there's one very crucial deadline : The first playable demo of the game. Hooray!
- Don't hooray so quickly, young fella!
- Why shouldn't I?
- Because it's a private demo.
- A private demo? What does it mean?
- It means only a handful of people, selected by LeCroissantCyclope will play this demo.
- Oh? Am I on the list?
- Well, you're LeCroissantCyclope and I'm LeCroissantCyclope, so not really, but you're already kinda playing it because you're making it.
- Oh, right! I'm speaking with myself. Crazy fool.
- You, crazy fool!
Um... the very objective of this first private demo is to have feedbacks from friends and family. I'm already prepared to sort this feeback into two groups : Point-&-click players and the others. Not original but very useful, some opinions may change the game. I kinda hope so because I want to give the best experience possible. The deadline I set for this demo is late september. It may be tough 'cause I have 80+ tasks to do until then. The next deadline after that is the public demo! I'm so excited about it!
- Calm down, sir.
- Yeah, you're right, one step at a time...

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